Our Climb to the Top – East Tabur Trail

Air pollution is my least favorite thing about any big city. And after almost two weeks in Kuala Lumpur, I was in dire need of some fresh, energizing, green plant produced oxygen. The black exhaust fumes in my face from the buses and motorbikes as well as the cigarette smoke casually blown in my direction as I ate my Nasi Ayam were getting to me.

So when I saw the picture of a cliff surrounded by green forest, under a sign that said “Things to do in KL” and with the words “Are you tired of the bustling city?” on the bulletin board of our hostel, I was like “Here take my money and get me out of here!” After all, taking the time to be in greener surroundings is one of my personal travel goals.

The East Tabur Trail exceeded our expectations. Honestly, I wasn’t expecting much at first. I thought this was going to be one of those crowded easy hikes where the path has basically been paved over for you. The half-day hike ended up being very challenging and I loved every minute of it. Our guide Fadly was great, patiently helping each step of the way. Like literally, he would tell me where I needed to put my foot on the rocks so I wouldn’t fall off the cliff.

Big shout out to Fadly from BackHome Kuala Lumpur for climbing back up to the peak after we realized Ivan forgot our camera! We’re so grateful for your kindness!

In this video we share the incredible views during the hike and highlight some of the obstacles we overcame to reach the top of the peak.







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