Mission Crab Omelette – Our visit to Jay Fai Cuisine in Bangkok, Thailand

After appearing on the Netflix series “Somebody Feed Phil”, travelers from all over the world have sought out this small, teal green tiled restaurant in Bangkok, Thailand. Jay Fai’s delicious food has earned the restaurant one Michelin star. When we saw Jay Fai on the show making her famous crab omelette and looking badass with her goggles, we made sure to add this to our list of places to eat while in Bangkok.

After reading plenty of reviews, we made sure we arrived well before they opened to place ourselves on the wait list for walk-ins. Reservations are possible by phone and email but instead we decided to arrive a couple of hours before the restaurant opened. Even then, we expected to wait anywhere between two to five hours before eating. But we’re patient people who really wanted to have the Jay Fai experience, so we planned accordingly. We arrived with no expectations regarding the service or food, simply ready to take the experience in and eat some food!

In this video we share our wonderful and delicious experience at Jay Fai Cuisine. Enjoy!


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  1. We’re going to have to go check this place out! My brother and I are already huge fans of the Thai omelets; I can’t wait to taste a Michelin star rated Thai crab omelet!

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