My Birthday Kayaking down the Semadang River

I ain’t gonna lie. I started my birthday in a pretty shitty mood. It was early, it was hot, my gym shoes and socks were soaked and it was not as easy to navigate through the river as I thought.  Yes, I was a birthday brat y que?

Oddly enough my mood lifted after we capsized. Maybe the cold water felt good.  But really I think it’s because our guides actually managed to find our GoPro in the rocky, murky, bustling river within a few minutes which was a miracle! Even they said it was rare to find a GoPro once it fell into the river. Ours would’ve been the 20th GoPro sacrificed to the river, along with countless sunglasses. So a big shout out to our guides at Semadang Kayak for saving us!  I’m very grateful.

Note to self:  Tie all items to your body while kayaking.  Or at least attach the GoPro to the floaty stick attachment.

During the times I wasn’t complaining under my breath or making fun of Ivan for his lack of skills navigating in water ( I blame the fact he didn’t have a pool growing up), I felt very grateful for my surroundings, which included massive bamboo trees, sugar cane, wild watermelon, countless trees and shrubs and rock formations.  We’re loving Borneo.

Here is a short video from our trip:



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